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Yoga is held most weekends! Make sure to check the website to see if it’s held on Saturday at 8:30am or Sunday at 5:30pm.

Please double check the WOD tab/Facebook to make sure there haven’t been any changes before you arrive.

All you will need is to arrive on time and bring water.

If you are a drop in or you have already used your sessions for the week, there is a $5 drop in fee that is due before class begins. ($10 drop in for non-CFF)

This will be a 45min class that is a mix of restorative yoga and deep stretching.

2nd Saturday Yoga! Great Tun Out!

Meet your instructor:

Yulia Schaffer


I am Russian, but I am from one of the post soviet Union countries Azerbaijan, Baku. I am currently a student at UofA, getting my bachelors in Biology and planning on going to Pharmacy school. I’ve been a fitness activist since I can remember and I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years. I’ve lived in U.S. since 2008. This was about the time when yoga came into my life and I realized that this is what I was lacking. I have to say that for me, yoga is not a hobby, not a workout, not a life style, but it is an essential part of my life. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 5 years now and I know that it is here to stay. Yoga practice helps me to overcome my fears, helps me to keep my mind calm, puts my consciousness in order and makes me more discipline in every aspect of my life and puts me in the right attitude with the world. It has made me more patient, humble and compassionate. I’ve taken classes from many wonderful teachers from NWA and I am ready to share what I’ve learned and what I love the most, with people that I care about. Yoga is absolutely for everyone and people who are skeptical about that just need to be willing to come apart and get out of their comfort zone and just give it a shot. Only then they will see what I mean by that. Our bodies are our temples and we need to treat them right and show our appreciation for the unbelievable strength and capacity to go on. Yoga helps us to keep in touch with our bodies, yoga helps us to listen and let us open up and expand to our full potential. I am truly excited to start practicing and sharing my yoga experience with you, dear future yogis of CrossFit Fayetteville.

Lucus DeBuhr


I have been practicing yoga all my life, and my practice has certainly changed.  I love that it is changing and will continue to allow my practice to evolve alongside my lifestyle metamorphosis.  In 2012 I finished massage school.  In 2013 I started Personal Training and teaching group fitness classes.  I have taught yoga since 2008.  I believe in the great importance of applicability in regard to experiencing lasting benefit (use it or lose–it is a constant practice, so let it be fun).  So, I aim to present to you techniques that enable and inspire you to practice with me and much more importantly on your own- in the gym, at your house, at your work, in the park–that will provide more ease in your body.