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During the Open

1. Saturdays will be open gym 8-10am.

2. We will move our Saturday WODs from 9am to 8:45am to accommodate those who want to go to CF Commence to cheer on our athletes for the Open. ALL ARE ENCOURAGED TO JOIN AND CHEER!

3. Saturdays WODs will be the Open Workout

4. If you are an athlete and need judged (which everyone does) and you are not able to do Saturdays, please post on our members only Facebook page and find a judge. Or email me: crossfitfayetteville@gmail.com to set up a time to get judged.

5. Scores MUST be submitted by 5pm on Mondays each week. They have no mercy if you’re 1min late posting.

6. Athletes and judges: know the standards and uphold them. Judges are not encouragers, they are there to count your good reps. No coach you.

7. If you’d like to spice up your intensity performing the Open WOD, join us at CF Commence before 10am on Saturdays. Heat one goes at 10am. Be warmed up and mobilized. You will have to sign in and fill out their waiver. So arrive in time to complete that.