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NEW/Potential Members: please email crossfitfayetteville@gmail.com before you arrive for your trial week. All trials begin Mondays and end Saturdays. You may attend as many classes as you would like within that time frame. If you begin on a Wednesday, you may come free through Saturday. At the end of your trial, please complete the payment portion for your membership. We do prorate if you end up joining at an odd time in the month.

Your first day: arrive 10min before class to complete the waiver and meet the trainer. From there, a CF-L1 trainer will assist you through the entire workout. Come dressed for the weather and be able to move comfortably. You will also want to bring water and maybe a sweat towel.

To view the WODS:

1. you must be a member and email: crossfitfayetteville@gmail.com

2. With that, you will download TrainHeoric (you can use any smart phone or www.trainheroic.com).

3. Enter the emailed code

4. View WODs and track your progress!