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Class: 5:30am, 6:30am, 8:30am (MWF), 12:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Don’t forget Daylight Savings 11/6/16

Volunteers/Judges needed for Thunder on the Hill 2016 11/19/16 at 8:30am Is a 2-person event, with 4 divisions: M/M RX & Scaled, F/F Rx & Scaled. Early bird pricing is now-11/3. We will need athletes to compete but we will need Volunteers to help make this event AMAZING! Please register for either here.

JUDGES MEETING 11/12/16 During Open Gym 8:30am-10am. PLEASE be there. Bring your Coffee. 


11/7/16 8:30am-10:00am JUDGES MEETING for Thunder on the Hill

1. 5 x 5 HBBS @ 75-80% of 11/3

-if you weren’t here, perform ascending OR if you know your 1RM, pull the same percentages

-25min to ramp and complete, no missed reps

2. Open 14.3

AMRAP 8min:

10 DL (135/95) / (65)

15 BJ / Step Ups (24/20)

15 DL (185/135) / (95)

15 BJ / SU

20 DL (225/155) / (115)

15 BJ / SU

25 DL (275/185) / (145)

15 BJ / SU

30 DL (315/205) / (175)

15 BJ / SU

35 DL (365/225) / (205)

15 BJ / SU

-Bar will begin loaded for the first set of DL. Athletes will be responsible for loading their own bar before each new set of DL can be performed. Collars must be on the bar for reps to count! No collars, no reps. RX will be the prescribed weight for male/female and box jumps. Step ups and/or lighter weight on DL will be considered scaled. DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR FITNESS and GOALS.

-10min to ramp and begin. Be ready to go within this amount of time. Do not just set weights out near your bar without trying a few reps of most of these weights. TRY box jumps as well. Be ready.


11/8/16 8:30am-10:00am JUDGES MEETING for Thunder on the Hill

COACHES: Burgener, 5min

1. 5 x 3 HSC or HSS

-which ever you decide to perform today, you will perform the opposite on Friday.

-HAP with most sets @ or higher than 75%


2. “Angie”

For Time:

100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Air Squats

-partition as needed

-Newer athletes: 75 or 50 or 35 reps of each movement. Keep the same number for each movement. Even if you do 35 of each, that’s 140 reps total! Keep things in perspective.

-cap: 20min

Happy Birthday Burpee Day Joe!!! (this is my favorite picture of you)


11/9/16 8:30am-10:00am JUDGES MEETING for Thunder on the Hill

1a. 3 x 15 GHD Sit Ups

-if you were sore last week performing less than 15, perform that same number again this week. More is not always better. Sometimes more is just stupid. Be Smart!

— USE a coach if you haven’t been coached on the GHD. PLEASE.

1b. 3 x 30 Single Leg KB DL, 15 each side

-medium weight

-avoid swinging the back leg or segmenting the movement. It should be fluid with the body moving as one, not “kick the leg back then drop the chest.”

2a. 2 x 60s Hip Extension Hold

-Scale: 2 x 60s Superman Hold, Goal is UB for either movement, choose what allows you to do this successfully

2b. 2 x 60 BW Lunges, alt, stationary

-heel driven movement….avoid the mid foot push off or the torso flexing forward during the movement.

-if you missed last week or you were crazy sore: 2 x 40 BWL

-20min to complete both supersets

2. WOD 2 from Thunder on the Hill 2016



-time cap: 20min

-2 person, same gender teams, same weight for all reps, one barbell

-both athletes run each 400m. Team cannot advance to next movement until both athletes are in their lane.


11/10/16 8:30am-10:00am JUDGES MEETING for Thunder on the Hill

1. EMOM 10min: 1 HBBS, HAP

-Goal is for all reps to be ~90% or higher and ascend from there

-10min to ramp

— USE SPOTTERS or know how to bail. Let a coach know if you’re close to failing so they can assist.

2. 1 x 800m Sprint (stop sign to stop sign)

-rest 3min-

1 x 400m Sprint (stop sign to top corner of Peach St., rest is walking to the 200m marker located on Haddon St at the back of our building)

-rest 2min-

2 x 200m Sprint (1st 200 perform downhill from our building to the stop sign, rest 1min, perform last 200m uphill to the back of our building)

-Bring your watch for accuracy and pace help. You coach will guide you for each set.

-GOAL: perform each start as a 100% sprint, even if you slow down shortly after. Give the road all you’ve got each start.

-Cap: the remaining class time


11/11/16 8:30am-10:00am JUDGES MEETING for Thunder on the Hill

COACHES: Burner, 5min

1. EMOM 10min: 1 HSC + 1HPC ~OR~ 1 HSS + 1HPS

-7min to ramp and begin

-HAP…limiting factor, assuming your mechanics are decent, HPC or HPS

-Newer athletes, perform 2 HPC or HPS

2a. 3 x ME Strict Pull Ups

-if you KNOW you can do 12 at BW, add weight and keep that weight the same for all sets. If you use a band and can do more than 12 your first set (you know you can do 12…not try it and see) use a thinner band. Ideally you’ll hit 5-10 the first set no matter banded, weighted or BW

2b. 3 x ME Strict Ring Dips

-same stuff applies from the Strict Pull Ups….

-10min to complete, rest as needed

3. 21-15-9 reps for time of*:


Wallballs (20/14)

*ME Double Unders with remaining time (singles are not an option unless you can’t do a single under, practice the DU)

-10min cap



8:30am-10:00am JUDGES MEETING for Thunder on the Hill

-bring coffee, be on time, be ready to participate, ask questions, know the ROM

8:00-10:00am Open Gym

Use this time to eggs-or-cise. Then go get some bacon and chocolate milk.

WOD @ 9am

The warm up will begin promptly at 9am. Come early to get some mobility in…you won’t be disappointed with the WOD. You never know if it will be a team WOD or individual WOD.



Rest Day.

A new cycle begins Monday. Be ready to hit it and get the most out of it! Use a fitness journal to track lifts.

Title Sponsors for Thunder on the Hill 2016: