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Class: 5:30am, 6:30am, 8:30am (MWF), 12:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Sponsorship Opportunity for TOTH 2016: If you or any local business you know might be interested in sponsoring our event, email me: crossfitfayetteville@gmail.com Each sponsor will get their logo on all event shirts, our website and printed materials!

Thunder on the Hill 2016 11/19/16 at 8:30am Is a 2-person event, with 4 divisions: M/M RX & Scaled, F/F Rx & Scaled. Early bird pricing is now-11/3. We will need athletes to compete but we will need Volunteers to help make this event AMAZING! Please register for either here.


 Evolve Paleo Chef: Order Fridays by 10am and enter Code: CFFAY You will get 5% off your order and have your food delivered to CFF for free on Mondays by 8:45am! Make sure to enter the code, select lowell and gym delivery. You can order a full week’s worth or just a few meals. Whatever fits you best! www.evolvepaleochef.com

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Josh Fohner, a 4.5 year CFF member, was biking to the gym (in CO) and was hit by a jeep. He is currently going through multiple surgeries and is not responsive. Read more of his story here:ALLINFORJOSH Please be praying for him, his family and his medical team as they have a long road ahead of them.

New Cycle: We are gearing up for the 2017 CrossFit Games Open Season (which usually happens late February and runs through March). Our programming will be tailored to help each athlete prepare for this! This 4 week cycle will be a transition phase into the Open season training. Be prepared for the unexpected!


1. Heavy 3 Close Grip OHS / Zercher Squat

-15min to work up to a heavy set of 3 of one OR the other.

-you will use this lift on Thursday

-Form should be the deciding factor on heavy.

-Zercher squats should be performed with a fat bar with NO pull on the Biceps!!

-15min to complete

2. Open 11.1

AMRAP 10min:

30 Double Unders / 60 Single Unders

15 PS (75/55) / (65/45)

-7 min to explain, ramp and begin

3. 800m Run FOR TIME

-rest as needed after 11.1 then perform run as hard as you can.

Happy Birthday Burpee Day Jake!!!



1. 3 Rounds of the “Bear Complex”

7 x 1 PC + 1 FS + 1 PP + 1 BS + 1 PP

-perform each movement clearly, no stringing them together (so no thrusters)

-cycle through each movement 1 time in order & without setting the bar down, continue the complex until 7 sets have been completed in a row.

-goal is to go as heavy as possible. BAR MAY NOT REST ON THE FLOOR.

-25min to ramp and complete, rest as needed.

2. For Time:

50 WB* (20/14) (10/9′)

50 DL (185/155) / (135/95)

50 HSPU* / Pike PU

*each time you rest within the 50 WB or the 50 HSPU, you must DL your bar to the locked out position and hold for 15s before returning to your WB or HSPU set. Bar must be at the waist before 15s begins.

-12min cap

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1a. 3 x 10 GHD Sit Ups / ROM GHD Sit Ups

-if you have never performed these/are new to these, you need a coach to supervise to ensure safety on the machine and safety within the movement.

1b. 3 x 10 Bent Knee Good Mornings, light weight

2a. 2 x 60s Planks, HAP

2b. 2 x 20 Single Leg KB DL, 10 each side

-20min to complete both supersets.

-For a large class, half will begin with 2a/2b while the other half begin with 1a/1b.

3. Tabata This:

4min of each movement (20s on, 10s off, NO TRANSITION rest)

16min running clock:

Row (calories)

Air Squats

Ring Dips / Push Ups

Box Jumps / Step Ups

-Score: total reps

If you didn’t know, Wal-Mart now sells these easy Paleo items! Be sure to check calories and macro nutrients. Some of these say “meal” but they are only 200 calories.



1. 5 x 3 @ 75-80% of CG-OHS / Zercher

-20min to ramp and complete

-if you weren’t here, perform Monday’s lift

-if you were here, same weight across

2. “Isabel”

30 Snatches For Time (135/95) / (95/65)

-may be a PS or a full snatch



30 C&J For Time (135/95) / (95/65)

-may be a PC or a full clean

-cap: 9min

3. Mobility Focused on Posterior Chain:

JJ stretch, 2min each side

Foam Roll upper back/lats, 2min each side


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1. Mobility, 12min to demo and complete:

Couch Stretch, 4min

Partnered Barbell External Rotation, 90s

Partnered Bully Stretch, 60s

2. AMRAP 20min:

5 SC&J (155/105) / (115/75)

10 T2B / Mod. T2B

30s Rest

-scale weight (squat clean preferred) or if you’re newer/mechanics aren’t there yet, perform a PC&PP.

Continue to Pray for Josh! Keep up with his progress here: #AllInForJosh



8:00-10:00am Open Gym

Come hang out and work on things you “never have time for” or that you “want to get better at.” There is always a coach available to help, never be afraid to ask them…that’s why they became a coach. You can also make up a WOD you missed this week or create and perform your own.

9:00am WOD

This can be a team WOD or a individual WOD. You never know until you get there. Please arrive early enough to perform mobility before 9am. At 9, you will begin the warm up.

Last weekend, Kara and Piper introduced their parents to their first WOD!

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Rest Day.

Happy Birthday Burpee Day Tony!!!