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Class: 5:30, 6:30, 8:30am* (MWF), 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm

Gym Etiquette:  Leave chalk in the bucket…

Thunder on the Hill 2016 11/19/16 at 8:30am Is a 2-person event, with 4 divisions: M/M RX & Scaled, F/F Rx & Scaled. Early bird pricing is now-11/3. We will need athletes to compete but we will need Volunteers to help make this event AMAZING! Please register for either here.


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partnership pack 2


Basics to the new cycle: Oly lifting M/F (squat version always preferred), volume squat and press Tuesdays, technique and longer met con Wednesdays, Heavy Thursdays. Suggested rest day is W or Th (to be completed on Saturdays during open gym). Accessory work will be completed on your own time or with the time remaining in class AFTER your met con.

Week 2


Coaches: Burgener, 3-5min

1. EMOM 5min: 1 HHS + 1 HS + LHS / HHPS+HPS+LHPS

-full squat ALWAYS preferred…try to avoid the catch in a power snatch position followed by a sinking down into the OHS. Work on speed under the bar.

-ramp 5min, try to do most sets at your heaviest from week 1 or heavier

2.  3RFTO:

400m Run

10 FR Lunges (95/65) / FRL (65/35)

10 Bar-Facing Burpees

-cap: 11min cap

-stationary FR Lunges, alternating

3a. 4 x 30s Shoulder taps / pike shoulder taps

3b. 4 x 12 Power Swings

-use a partner. “aggressive up, aggressive down, keep your chest high,” Partner: plant your feet and change their direction…don’t be passive, make them work.

-remaining time in class to complete



1. 5 x 5 HBBS, HAP

-25min to complete

-goal is to have the last 3 sets at week 1’s heaviest weight or heavier

2. Tabata: BJ (24/20) / (20/14)

-please make sure you are jumping. Avoid using step ups as a scale unless it’s medically necessary

-score: TOTAL REPS

3a. 3 x 7 Press, HAP

-goal is heavier than last week since it’s less reps

3b. 3 x 7 Strict Chin Ups, HAP, UB

-remaining time in class to ramp and complete



1. Gymnastics work: Kipping T2B or Kipping  K2E/HKR


2. “Air Force*”

20 Thrusters (95/65)

20 SDLHP (95/65)

20 PJ (95/65)

20 OHS (95/65)

20 FS (95/65)

*EMOM: 4 Burpees, BEGIN with 4 burpees / 2 Burpees

-Newer athletes, PLEASE scale to fit you, perform 15 reps of each movement at a doable weight.

-this is one of those: “that looks easy” workouts that leaves you on the ground for more time than it took to complete.

-cap: 15min

3. 10min MOBILITY:

barbell to quad, 2min each side

foam roll hamstrings, 2min each side (include the glutes)

Happy Birthday Burpee Day Kiersten!!!



1. Est. 5RM DL, 15min

-goal is +5-10 from last week

2. Est. 5RM Press, 15min

-goal is +2.5-5 from last week

-yes, we have fractional plates so you can add 2.5 total to your bar

3. AMRAP 4:

10 Pistols / 16 Lunges

10 HSPU / 16 Pike PU

-rest 1min-

10 Air Squats

10 Ring Rows

-Score: total rounds + additional reps

-for larger classes, half will begin in the first half while the other half at the second half. At the one minute rest, switch.



Coaches: Burgener, 3-5min

1. 5 x 1 HHC + HC + LHC / HHPC+HPC+LHPC

-20min to ramp and complete

-goal is more sets at or heavier than week 1’s heaviest weight completed

2. 21-15-9 reps for time of:

K2E / V-Ups

Ring Dips / Box Dips

Step Ups (24/20)

-cap: 10min

3a. 3 x 3 Jerk, HAP

-split jerk preferred

3b. 3 x 8 Pendlay Row, UB

-no dipping or dropping of chest, weight in the heels, everything remains stationary while the elbows flex to create the movement. If your form waivers to any capacity, go lighter.

-remaining time in class to complete

Happy Birthday Burpee Day Brendan!!!



Open gym 8-10am

Use this time to workout. Get extra mobility in. Get a solid warm up completed. Make up a WOD you missed or create your own…OOOOOORRRR work on something you suck at.

WOD at 9am

This will run like a regular class. Mobility is to be completed before 9am. At 9am, warm up and WOD will begin with a CF-L1 Trainer.

From Syard: “A side-by-side comparison of “how to” and “how to not” hold your buddy in a buddy carry. #crossfitfayetteville #buddycarry




Rest Day, much deserved Rest Day.



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