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Class: 5:30, 6:30, 8:30am* (MWF), 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm

Gym Ettiquette:  Don’t put your equipment away until all athletes have completed their met con…instead, encourage them!

Thunder on the Hill 2016 11/19/16 at 8:30am Is a 2-person event, with 4 divisions: M/M RX & Scaled, F/F Rx & Scaled. Early bird pricing is now-11/3. We will need athletes to compete but we will need Volunteers to help make this event AMAZING! Please register for either here.


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Basics to the new cycle: Oly lifting M/F (squat version always preferred), volume squat and press Tuesdays, technique and longer met con Wednesdays, Heavy Thursdays. Suggested rest day is W or Th (to be completed on Saturdays during open gym). Accessory work will be completed on your own time or with the time remaining in class AFTER your met con.

Week 1


Coaches: Burgener

1. EMOM 5: HHS + HS / HHPS + HPS

-5min to ramp to a solid HHS (your HHS will be your limiting factor, don’t allow yourself to get sloppy)

HAP with GOOD FORM: Vertical Torso to begin, no dropping of chest or using the arms to pull first.

2. 4RFTO:

200m Run

20 OH Lunges (35/25) / OHL (PVC)

20 Burpee 2 Plate / 12 B2P

-cap: 12min

-Task oriented workout, so don’t attack this with the mindset “I’ll just see how far I’ll get.” That’s steady state and not pushing your limits…push your limits.

3. EMOM 8:

Even: 30s Plank Shoulder taps

-keep a solid plank, do not allow the torso to move

Odd: 30s RKBS

-use a weight you can hang onto for 30s UB

-5min to set up

-If the class runs out of time, perform on your own before you leave.




1. 5 x 5 HBBS, Ascending, Last 3 sets the same weight across

-25min to ramp and complete

2. Tabata: Goblet Squats (35/25)

3a. 3 x 8 Press, HAP, UB

3b. 3 x 8 Strict Pull Ups

3c.  3 x 20 Windshield Wipers / Straight Leg Raises

-remaining time in class, rest as needed between sets.

Josh Hunt is probably the only person that smiles during Tuck Jumps!

FullSizeRender (68)


1. 10min: Double Under Practice

-use this time to work on Double Unders, not necessarily perform double unders for 10min

-Work the technique and consistency with your mechanics.

-if you don’t have double unders, start with trying to get 1 rep. Progress to single under then double under consistency. Finally, work toward stringing them together.

2. 2 person team WOD, For Time:

200m Buddy Carry

75 C2B Pull Up / Pull Ups

800m Run

50 PC (135/95) / (95/65)

35 Lateral Burpee Over Bar

25 HSPU / 35 Push Ups (feet on 45# plate)

200m Buddy Carry

-20min cap




1. Est. 5 RM DL, 15min to ramp and complete

-no dropping between reps or after the last rep is completed.

2. Est. 5RM Press, 15min to ramp and complete

-heels must remain on the floor the entire movement, knees must remain locked

3. AMRAP 7min:

7 T2B

7 Ball Slams

7 Squat Jumps

7 Plyo Push Ups

*Bonus: solid 4min of Couch Stretch*

FullSizeRender (67)


Coaches: Burgener

1. 5 x 1 HHC + HC / HHPC + HPC

-5min to ramp to a solid HHC (your HHC will be your limiting factor, don’t allow yourself to get sloppy)

-HAP with GOOD FORM: Vertical Torso to begin, no dropping of chest or using the arms to pull first.

2a. 5min to establish 3RM Hang PC

-must be 3 consecutive reps pulled from the Hang position. Bar may not drop below the knee during any of the 3 reps. Last rep MAY not be dropped or your score does not count. Have plates around your area before the clock begins.

-rest 1min-

2b. AMRAP 5min:

35 Double Unders / Single Unders

20 Pull Ups / Ring Rows

-10min to set up and begin.

-imagine that you’re in a competition and this is your WOD.



Open Gym 8:00-10:00am

Come utilize this time to work on this you aren’t great at or don’t usually have time for. You can also make up a workout you missed from this past week or just create your own fun torture!

WOD at 9am!

This will run like a regular class. Mobility will be expected to be completed before 9am. Demo of warm up will begin PROMPTLY at 9am followed by the workout.

If you’re not sure what to do, dive into some strongman training…you can always ask Coach Syard!



Rest day.