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Class: 5:30, 6:30, 8:30am (MWF), 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm

NO SATURDAY OPEN GYM 7/23/16 due to the Strongman Competition. Come out and support your strongman crew and Coach Syard! She has done a great job getting everything set up and always runs an awesome event! Bring your kids too, they always love to see people pick up vehicles and pull hummers!

Equipment/Cleaning: please clean all things you sweat and chalk on and return it to its correct place after each workout.

This is the last week of this cycle, so be ready to move well and lift heavy. If you need help ramping, ASK YOUR COACH. That’s why they are there…to help you move and move well under any load to prevent injury.


1a. 3×10 C2W shoulder taps, 10 each side if possible, rest 60s

-if you aren’t able to get C2W, use an L-shaped C2W maintaining a solid hollow body position without any lumbar sag or thoracic give.

1b. 3x30sec Wtd Hollow body holds, hold plate in hands, rest 90s

-if you aren’t able to hold 30s of a hollow body without weight, perform unweighted hollow body holds and fight to hold for 30s straight.

-12 min

2. 5 x 2 HBBS, HAP

-Goal: heavier than week 1…most people may surpass their 1RM and perform it for 2 reps. Make sure you know how to ramp and KNOW HOW TO BAIL!

-Only 5 working sets.

-20 min to ramp and complete

3. 4 RFTO:

5 Push Press (~65-70% 1RM)

20 Double Unders / 15 Tuck Jumps / 40 Singles

30 Mt. Climbers (total)

-12 min cap



1a.5 x 3 High Hang Squat Clean

-Focus: fundamentals and developing hip explosion…not like a KBS!

1b.4 x 8 Hanging scapular retactions, pause 2s at the top

-working on the very first movement of a good pull-up, you should hang and contract with a quick pause

-15min to ramp and complete

2. Death by Burpees***

min 1: 1 burpee

min 2: 2 burpees

min 3: 3 burpees


-Score: highest set of burpees completed within that specific minute.

***if you know you can do more than 20 burpees in a minute, perform Death by Burpees x 2: min 1: 2 burpees, min 2: 4 burpees, min 3: 6 burpees, etc.



1a. 3 x 10 Alt. 3s Pause Pistols

-Use the rope or the rack to assist and not sit on the ball or box for a pause

1b.3 x 5-3s Pause Ring V-outs

-Like the ab roller but with rings. False grip helps and the higher the box or lower the rings, the harder.

2. 5 x 2 FS, HAP

-Goal: heavier than week 1, use a coach to help you ramp!

-20 min to ramp and complete

3. Chipper, for Time:

50 BJ (24/20) / Step Ups

50 Ring Rows / Modified Ring Rows

50 4-count flutter kicks / straight leg raises

-Rx Ring Rows: chest under ring attachment, flat body, no kipping, toes off the ground, chest touches rings every rep with full elbow extension at the beginning and end of the movement. 4 Count Flutter Kicks: 1, 2, 3, 1…1, 2, 3, 2…1, 2, 3, 3, etc.

-no partitioning

-time cap: remaining time in class…enjoy

Happy Birthday Burpee Day Asher!!!



“The Hill-2015 remix”

2-person, same gender, teams, for time:

75 C2B Pull Ups / 75 Ring Rows

50 DL (135/95) / (105/75)

800m Run (w/med ball) / (w/o med ball)

50 Burpees over bar

25 HSPU / 25 Push Ups w/feet on plate

10 OHS (135/95) / Front Squats (105/75)

-25min cap, Goal is under 18min.



1a. 3 x 5 Strict C2B Pull Ups

-use a band if necessary but no yo-yoing. Work on “pulling through the bar” not just flailing.

-those that barely have 5 strict with their normal bands, continue with 3 x 5 REGULAR strict pull ups and try to use less band.

1b. 3 x 7 Strict T2B

-no kipping at the shoulder to initiate movement.

-12 min to complete

2. 5 x 2 DL, HAP

-Goal: heavier than week 1, ask a coach to help if you’re not sure.

-20 min to ramp and complete

3. 5RFTO:

10 KB G2OH (50/35)

200m Run

-8min cap

-KB G2OH is one arm at a time, alternating EVERY rep.

-Scaling options: use a DB instead of a KB (but that means you can still get close or use the RX weights); scale to 4 rounds.

Happy Birthday Burpee Day Sydney!!!



Open Gym 8:00-10:00am

Come use this time for extra mobility that you always say you need to work on, make up a WOD you missed or create your own fun WOD. Just come in and spend a little time working on things instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Team WOD @ 9:00am

We run this like a regular class. Mobility 5min before, warm at class start time followed by the WOD. The coach tends to workout with the class…so beat the coach!



Rest Day / Prep Day

What are you choosing to prepare for today that will make your week easier?