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Class: 5:30, 6:30, 8:30 (MWF), 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm

Sweat: please take the time to clean up your awesome sweat off anything and everything after each workout.

Week 3: Deload week, next week we will try HAP and try to make some good solid jumps on all lifts.


1a. Handstand Workshop

-use a partner, try to find balancing point, maintain hollow body

-“For the HS workshop they should try to do this on the floor. Joints should be perfectly stacked and they should learn to engage the finger tips. Partner will spot them. You really can feel it when you hit the sweet spot but it involves nailing all three (tight core, good body line, and fingers engaged). I want them to work to find the sweet spot.” ~Josh F.

-options: use a partner, coach, wall, etc.

1b. 3×10-15 Pike Leg Lifts

-15min to complete both 1a & 1b

2. 5 x 5 HBBS, same weight across @70% of highest weight from last week

-20min to ramp and complete

3. Tabata: HSPU

-rest min-

Tabata: Double Unders

-9min running clock, score: lowest set for each movement

-Scale HSPU: pike; DU: Burpees




1. EMOM 6min: 3 TnG Power Cleans, HAP

-focus is to maintain control in the decent to set you up for a good set up before you pull the next rep.

-5min to set up/ramp

2. Baby “Murph”

For Time:

800m Run

50 Pull Ups / 35 RR / 25 RR

100 Push Ups / 70 PU / 40 PU

150 Air Squats / 100 Squats / 50 Squats

800m Run

-25min cap



1a. 3 x 2 Speed Ladder Drills

1b. 3 x 2 Box Jumps (try to reach your MH from week 1)

1c. 3 x 20 Hollow Body Rocks, rest

-“Speed Ladder- they should be fast and fluid. Light feet. Coaches can decide with drills on the ladder, but they should run through the ladder at least twice each time (down and back). They should only rest after they do all though exercises.”~Josh F.

-15min to ramp and complete

2. 5 x 5 FS, same weight across @ 70% of highest weight last week.

-20min to ramp and complete

3. AMRAP 7min:

20m Broad Jump

10 T2B

5 Burpees




1. Kipping Pull Up/ HSPU/ Ring Dip WORKSHOP, 15min total

2. “Karen” For Time:

150 Wallballs (20/14) (10’/9′)

-10min cap

-Scale reps: 50 / 75 / 100, Scale Weight &/or Target height.

3. Mobility/Test session:




1a. 3 x 5 Tempo Strict Pull Ups

-2s up, 2s hold, 2s down, use bands if needed, NO KIPPING

1b. 3 x 10 Ab Roller (with barbell)

-pay attention to pelvic tilt and don’t let the lumbar sag

-15min to complete

2. 5 x 5 DL, same weight across @70% of week 1.

-20min to ramp and complete

3. “Fran’s” Better Half, For Time

21-15-9 reps of:

Burpees over Bar

Pull Ups

-10min cap




8:00-10:00am Open Gym

Use this time to make up a WOD, do some of that sweet mobility from Thursday or do you own thing.

9:00am TEAM WOD

Bring a friend if you want! This will run just like a normal class with warm up and instruction.

Did anyone lose this at the gym? (use our FB-members only page to get all sorts of information)



Rest Day / Prep Day

How are you going to use this day to rest and prepare for your upcoming week?