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Class: 5:30, 6:30, 8:30am (MWF), 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm

Water: please make sure to donate a case every few weeks or donate to the water fund cup. I like that we run out of water quickly because that means you’re drinking it!

Monday, July 4th: We will only have open gym 8:00-10:00am with a WOD at 9am. Regular classes will resume Tuesday, July 5th. Please be safe!

CrossFit Fayetteville-Members Only Group on Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with the entire community and keep up-to-date with any announcements. Please add us to get the latest, greatest and funniest information!

7/4/16 ***8:00-10:00am Open Gym ONLY***

1a. 3 x 5 Wall climbs, do not sacrifice the hollow position for ROM

1b. 3 x 15s L-Sits, ground is RX / using parallelettes is the Scale

-15min to ramp and complete

2. 5 x 2 HBBS @ 90% of heaviest from last week

-same weight across for all sets

-New athletes: 3 x 5 at the heaviest set completed from last week, focus on consistent technique

-20min to ramp and complete

3. 4 RFTO:

10 Plyo Push Ups

20m Back wards Bear Crawl

10 Burpees

-12min cap (let the shoulders feel the burn!)



1. 4 x 3 MHHP + 2 HPC + 1 PC

-Mid Hang High Pull: barbell will begin at mid thigh and finish in the high pull position working on hip extention, shrug then elbows

-Hang Power Clean: barbell will begin just above the knee caps, verticle shins, chest and nose to the ground with the bar finishing in the quarter squat of the power clean position with a vertical torso.

-Power Clean: barbell will begin on the ground with hip below the chest. Focus on hitting the HPC and MHHP positions before dropping under the bar to catch it in the quarter squat.

-15min, Focus: FUNDAMENTALS, not heavy

2. AMRAP 20min:

“CFF Decathlon”

800m Run

20 KBS (50/35)

20 BJS / Step Ups (24/20)

20 V-Ups / Sit Ups

20 Pull Ups / Ring Rows

20 4-count Flutter Kicks (1,2,3,1…1,2,3,2…1,2,3,3, etc)

20 Squat Jumps / Squats

20 Grasshoppers

20 Hollow Body Rocks

20 Supermans



1. 3 x 10 Pistols, alternating

-use a target if necessary and try to avoid resting on the target

-10min to warm up and complete

2. 5 x 2 FS @ 90% of heaviest weight from last week

-same weight across for all sets

-New athletes: 3 x 5 at heaviest weight from last week focusing on technique

-20min to ramp and complete

3. “Death by 20m”

min1: 20m

min2: 40m

min3: 60m, etc.

When you are unable to complete the distance within that minute, you are done. Score will be the last minute fully completed.




1. EMOM for 20min:

Even: 35 Double Unders / 70 Single Unders

Odd: 40m Farmers Carry, HAP but doable

2. Mobility:

Weighted Butterfly (2min total)

Scapular Work (2min each)

Lat Play (2min each side)

Ankle Exploration (2min each side)




1a. 3 x 1 Legless Rope Climb/ 3 x 2 Rope Climb / 3 x 5 Strict Pull Ups

1b. 3 x 30s Total Plank (Right 30s + Left 30s + Middle 30s)

-15min to ramp and complete

2. 5 x 2 DL @ 90% of heaviest weight from last week

-same weight across for all sets

-New athletes: 3 x 5 at heaviest weight focusing on consistency in form.

-20min to ramp and complete

3. 3RFTO:

12 Ring Rows

12 K2E / Attempted K2E

20m Broad Jumps / 12 depth drops

-7min cap

-depth drops: step up on a plyo box an jump straight down landing in an ATHLETIC stance (weight in the heels, hips back)

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Open Gym 8:00-10:00am

Use this time to work on skills, mobility, etc. You can also come make up a WOD you missed or create your own and test it out!

Team WOD @ 9am.

BRING a friend if you’d like! This will be run just like a regular class: mobility before 9am, warm at 9am, WOD following warm up.


7/10/16 Rest Day

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Happy Birthday Burpee Day Kai!