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Class: 5:30, 6:30, 8:30am (MWF), 12:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30pm

WATER: Please make sure you leave some change to pay for any waters taken from the fridge at the gym or donate a case every few weeks. We don’t try to make a profit off water, we just try to cover cost.

New cycle: more power lifts at heavier weights (assuming your mechanics are where they should be) and incorporating more gymnastics. We will have longer met cons T/Th and as always, a Team WOD Saturdays.



1a. 3 x ME Chest to Wall Handstand Hold

-scale: regular hand hold or a headstand hold with a focus on the hollow position

1b. 3 x ME Hollow Body Hold

-focus on the perfect hollow body position

-15min to ramp and complete, rest as needed between sets to ensure a true Max Effort

2. 5 x 2 HBBS, HAP

-Ideally, these will be well over 80% of your 1RM. You may ascend each set but all working sets are to be heavy.

-Newer athletes: 5 x 3 working mechanics

-20min to ramp and complete

3. AMRAP 7min:

20 Double Unders / 40 singles

7 HSPU / Pike Push Ups


Details at GymnasticsWOD


Burgener: Power Clean, 5min (bar or PVC) to work the High Hang, Hang, Low Hang and full positions and hit the perfect angles

1. EMOM 6min: 1PC + 1 HPC + 1 HHPC

-10min to instruct and ramp

2. “Nicole”

AMRAP 20min:

400m Run

ME Pull Ups

-pull ups may be of any variation…do not add extra bands so you can complete more pull ups, use your usual band set up.

-Score: total pull ups completed

FullSizeRender (50)


1. 3 x 10 Pistols, alternating, 8min

-scale: pistols to a target or step ups with the knee above hip crease without the back leg assisting in the extension

2. 8min to establish ME Box Jump

3. 5 x 2 FS, HAP, 20min

-All sets should be above 80% of 1RM assuming correct mechanics, ascending is permitted.

-Newer athletes: 5 x 3 working mechanics

4. Tabata: Squats

immediately followed by ME Run

-Score: lowest set of complete squats in one interval & distance covered



1. 2 person TEAM WOD:

Buy in: 1000m Row or Run



20m Wheel Barrow

20m Bear Crawl*

20m Buddy Carry


Buy Out: 1000m Row or Run

*one partner works while the other partner holds a plank, then switch (both will complete a 20m bear crawl per round)

-30min cap

2. Remaining time: Mobility. There will will be a list of HEAVILY SUGGESTED mobility. We all have issues some where in our mechanics and we need time to focus on opening those areas up. Use your time wisely.




1. 3 x ME Plank Holds, if you can do more than 5min…add a weight


2. Rope Climb Workshop!

-wear tall socks and bring a pair of sweat pants/tights. The rope usually eats a few legs when learning the best form.


3. 5 x 2 DL, HAP, 18min

-all sets should be well over 85%, NO BOUNCING or dropping from the top…not even on the last rep.

-New athletes: 5 x 3 at a lighter weight working form!

4. 5RFTO:

5 Strict Pull Ups

5-10m Sprints

5 T2B

-10min cap, less than 2min a round

-scale: if you can do BW SPU, scale to fit you! use a band if needed but NO KIPPING. 5 attempted T2B if you don’t have them.

IMG_6119 (1)


Open Gym 8:00-10:00am

Team WOD 9:00am

Use open gym to your advantage or come join us for a team wod! Either way, come get a WOD in!




Rest Day / Meal Prep Day




To Be determined…if you’ll be in town, post on our FB CFF members only page. This may persuade my decision.