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Have you ever wondered what the fittest CrossFit Athlete (Rich Froning) takes to supplement his workouts and keep him in peak performance mode all year around?




“02 Gold and Muscle Fuel in competition, it was almost unfair because it felt better.” -Rich Froning

We are excited to announce that CrossFit Fayetteville is a distributor of AdvoCare! Sure there are tons of other brands of product out there but AdvoCare has products to help each person reach their personal goals just like CrossFit Fayetteville!

AdvoCare relies on the latest scientific knowledge and highest quality ingredients to create safe and effective products. The AdvoCare Science team includes Doctors dedicated to product research & development as well as training and education for AdvoCare Independent Distributors. The science behind AdvoCare products helps improve lives through superior nutrition and wellness.

Based on proven and effective science and nutrition, AdvoCare product ingredients are specifically chosen for quality and purity from reputable suppliers that meet the AdvoCare standard of excellence. The vitamins and minerals used in AdvoCare formulas are pharmaceutical or USP grade, with each lot tested for purity and potency. Manufacturing is done in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facilities, with exemplary quality control and quality assurance programs.


CrossFit Fayetteville is now able to provide you with the following product lines:

(click on any product line below to learn more)

24 Day Challenge




Performance Elite


We have created a few bundles for those who are doing our program 3 or more days per week:

WOD Bundle (performance, protein and recovery)

Daily Bundle (energy and muscle repair)

24 Day Challenge (weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness)

If you and/or any of your friends would like to set up an official 24 Day Challenge, let us know! We’d love to help you with product, measurements, weigh in, nutrition and accountability!

If you have any questions or would like to know how to save 20-40%, contact Hiedi at 479-925-8575 or at crossfitfayetteville@gmail.com