Trainer Ross Shively

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MS, CF-L1, Power Lifting

Fitness has always been important to me and with being in the Infantry in the Army since 2003 it is required for me to be functionally fit. I always killed myself running and doing variations of push-ups and sit-ups and always felt so drained and tired of doing the same basic thing over and over. In March 2012 I walked into CrossFit Fayetteville curious about what CrossFit was and being skeptical of its ability to keep me stay in shape for the Army. It took me about 3 months to really start understanding the programming and coming consistently. It was a few months after that (after not running much, except in met cons) that I had to run with my Soldiers. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up. ┬áBut it turned out that I actually maintained a faster pace without fatiguing and recovered much faster than normal. That’s when I really knew CrossFit works! Since then I have enjoyed improving and watching others get better and I hope that I can use my coaching abilities to help others see the benefits provided in CrossFit Fayetteville.