Trainer Kyle Sylvester


Growing up, I always enjoyed playing sports, but I was just an “ok” athlete. We had some faithful coaches and good programs, but nobody ever pushed you to be the best you could be. At the age of 21, I started a career as a police officer. It was then that fitness became very important!  Through the 22 years of service on patrol, K9, investigations, and SWAT Team Leader, I stayed in what most would consider good shape. My health took a nosedive after a bout with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006 and it has always been a battle to stay in shape since.  Weightlifting and running on occasion just didn’t seem to fit the bill anymore. I was introduced to CrossFit through a good friend who took me to a local CrossFit gym.  My first “WOD” lasted 16 minutes and I laid on the ground looking for air for the next 50!  That scared me to death and I didn’t go back.  I was so embarrassed!  But I still knew that CrossFit was what I needed. I walked into CrossFit Fayetteville two years later and made a commitment that I would do it for 30 days, no matter what, and then re-evaluate. That was three years ago and I have no intention of stopping! The help and encouragement from our great coaches at CrossFit Fayetteville became something that I wanted to pass on to others because of what it has meant to me and my family. As a CrossFit trainer, I want to guide and cheer you on to be the best “you” that you can be!