Trainer Holly Black

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I started CrossFit at 38 years old. I was not an athletic kid and had tried many different ways of teaching exercising as an adult. I joined classes at a Globo gym, went to a yoga center, did DVD’s at home, and ran a 5k. Nothing ever stuck. So, when I came back from a three week road trip 10-15 pounds heavier than when I left, I told myself I would try CrossFit. I was so scared and intimidated at first; but I kept coming back. The community was great; the workouts were different every day, and I loved seeing more and more weight on the bar. I got my CF-L1 in 2017 in Abu Dhabi while living out of the country. Shortly after that I moved back to Fayetteville and was able to become a trainer at CrossFit Fayetteville. I love the happiness and excitement on the athletes’ faces when they do more than they thought they could!